DIY Bed Built-in Shelves

DIY Bed Built-in Shelves

For everyone who is considering performing a bedside cupboard or studying shelf of their own, I can strongly suggest that you return to your local home center or library and take a look at a few of the various bookshelf plans and designs for do it yourself jobs. While the step by step instructions in such bookshelf building plans can be very helpful, there is 1 thing that actually got my attention. They’d assembled a set of bookcases and bookcase plans specifically for building DIY Bed Built-in Shelves from scratch, and I just had to get the project started.

I moved home and purchased the bookshelf plans and a few hand tools, an electric drill, a jigsaw and a sander. I knew I was going to construct a wall mount shelf, so I needed to buy some nails and screws, in addition to wall anchors. The reason I didn’t use the wall anchors, was because I didn’t know whether I was planning to drill in the wood in the back of the timber from the front, or whether I wanted to use screws and simply attach the shelves straight to the wall. So, with the assistance of a friend, I measured the dimensions of the wall and also put together the necessary woodworking pieces. Once I was done, it was time to begin building!

I began with the end of the wall and then utilized two claws, one to attach the plate into the wall, and then yet another to attach it to a long piece of drywall. After that was completed, I took out the two screws that were holding the wood together and simply used my sander to smooth out the rough edges of the shelves that were built-in. Then I put in my bookcase in addition to the shelves, utilizing the same claws I used to your wall. That was all there was to this undertaking!

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