Neodymium Magnetic Balls

Neodymium Magnetic Balls

Neodymium magnetic balls are an alternative magnetic stimulation system that uses rare earth magnets to provide a therapeutic effect for the body and surrounding environment. These unique toys have been used by individuals around the world for hundreds of years. The principle behind these balls is based on the magnetic properties of the rare earth metals that are used to create the magnetic balls. When these balls are placed on a person’s body they can provide a number of different therapeutic effects. They can be used for therapeutic pain relief, or to promote healing of any type. If you have never heard of these balls then you are going to want to read about them in this article.

The neodymium magnetic balls are designed to use in a variety of different ways. First they are placed in a special sphere that has the rare earth metals magnets on it. Then the special magnetized sphere is put inside of a special case. Once the special case is placed inside of the carrying case the special sphere is placed inside of the case. This entire process produces a very strong magnetic field that is powerful enough to activate the healing properties of the rare earth metal spheres inside of the case.

One of the best properties of the neodymium magnets is that they are extremely malleable. This means that you can mold the Neodymium balls in any shape that you want and the malleability will allow the magnets to mold into the shape that is necessary for the therapy that you are interested in. Because of this feature, Neodymium magnets have been a top choice for chiropractors for over 30 years. When selecting your Neodymium magnetic balls you should be sure that you are purchasing a quality product that will work as good as it can for you.

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